What makes us different?

  • We are a unique dog walking business that offers a combination of various exercises and activities that clients can choose from including walks, runs, trips to the park, and group field trips. We even have “606” Dog Runs with an actual Marathon runner!
  • With other Companies that give you different walkers; with us, your dog will be comfortable with the same person. We build a relationship with your baby!!!!!
  • No request is too much. Need us to bring in your deliveries? Run an errand? Have an emergency? We are there.


Let’s face it. Our dogs have us hooked! While we all wish we could spend more time with our adorable pooches, bills must get paid and treats aren’t cheap! Your dog has needs. Let us give your pet the TLC they deserve. They need attention & exercise to flourish. We cover it all!!!!! – whether it’s s a walk, run, park fun, playing, fresh bowl of water, wee-wee pad clean up, treats, medication, feeding or just hanging’ out with your dog. There is no reason for your pooch to miss out on enjoying life while you’re working long hours. We promise to make sure your sweet angel is safe & happy!!!!! We can’t wait to meet your BFF!!!!!

IHAVE5DOGS.COM  is a responsible and committed service that you can trust.

Chicago’s Premier Dog Walking & Care Service

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Part of the proceeds will be donated to ASPCA.